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At the first RailFreight Summit that takes place on 20-21 March in Wroclaw (Poland), the key topic is the Silk Road Gateway Poland. High level expert speakers will share their knowledge and experience on the silk road; the route and connections, what it means for supply chains and logistics in general, the risks, the interest of China, what it means for Poland and much more. We invite you to join this summit!

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The Silkroad

The silk road, a game changer in east-west intercontinental freight transport. In the last years more and more supply chains discover the advantage of this connection. Traditionally there are two modes of transport dominant to Asia, air and ocean. So the choice was either quick and expensive or slow and cheap(er). The silk road offers a midway solution. What does this mean for supply chains and logistics in general?

Rail develops Polish logistic

Poland is the primary gateway for the trains from Asia to Europe. This development has caused to further speed up the already fast growing logistics sector. The conference talks about this sector, how is the logistics in Poland developing? But also in regards to the silk road: connections/route, risks, material, reefers, cost and so much more.

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